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Reliable technologies – driven by innovation

With the innovative LiquidArray technology and our next generation PCR instrument FluoroCycler® XT, our well-proven FluoroType® assays take the next step into the future.

Launch FluoroCycler® XTFluoroCycler® XT

FluoroCycler® XT is a new PCR instrument for highly multiplexed PCR assays and the only instrument to support the innovative LiquidArray® technology. Moreover, it is compatible with all commercial and in-house PCR assays. Thereby, FluoroCycler® XT offers you utmost flexibility and versatility.

Benefit from high performance

Through its outstanding precision and sensitivity, FluoroCycler® XT provides ma high level of security for reliable results. The identical performance of PCR reactions in all wells ensures excellent homogeneity and guarantees highest reproducibility. FluoroCycler® XT is covered by an excellent service concept. No calibration of optical and thermal components is needed, and maintenance and service can be performed at customer site.

Sophisticated softwareFluoroSoftware Visual

Assay analysis is performed by the FluoroSoftware® XT-IVD and result interpretation is summarized in the FluoroCycler® XT Report. The additional AssayArea allows the analysis of other commercial assays.*
The FluoroSoftware® has a clear, guided structure, which makes it very intuitive and user-friendly. Due to automated sample processing, analysis, interpretation and report, it delivers secure and reliable results.

* AssayArea and application of other commercial assays are for research use only.

More information on the FluoroCycler® XT

About LiquidArray®

LiquidArray® is a highly multiplexed innovative PCR technology. Specific probes lead to a characteristic fluorescence pattern during melting curve analysis. With LiquidArray®, an extraordinary broad range of information can be received within one reaction. This level of specificity may currently otherwise only be achieved by sequencing.