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LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal – Next generation multiplexing

Gastroenteritis - A global health problem 
Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines. It is characterised by diarrhoea and/or vomiting. Gastrointestinal pathogens can cause life-threatening diseases, particularly amongst children, immunosuppressed people and the elderly. Most cases resolve within days, but persistent or severe cases may require hospitalisation.
The associated testing of stool samples for the potential causative agents – bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins – causes a significant diagnostic burden in healthcare facilities. Multiplex syndromic panels can be used to simplify routine service and improve diagnostic efficiency.

LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal
LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal is a syndromic panel for gastrointestinal infections. The assay uses LiquidArray® - a next generation multiplexing technology to detect up to 26 pathogens from stool samples in a two-well format supporting the throughput needs of the routine laboratory. Together with automated nucleic acid extraction in the GenoXtract® fleXT and multiplexed amplification in the FluoroCycler® XT, the assay contributes to a streamlined solution from patient sample to results at a glance.

The test is validated for use with stool samples. A stool buffer developed for use with LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal allows stabilization and storage of the stool samples to be tested. The kit contains reagents for up to 48 reactions.

Automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup for optimal performance
GenoXtract® fleXT is a reliable, automated system for extracting nucleic acid from patient samples and setting up PCR plates. Barcode-supported robotic sorting significantly reduces manual intervention. Validated processing of LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal on the GenoXtract® fleXT ensures a convenient walk-away solution tailored to the dynamic laboratory environment.

Results at a glance in combination with FluoroCycler® XT
LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal is validated for use with the FluoroCycler® XT. The wizard-based software guides users easily through setup and results evaluation. The integrated FluoroSoftware® XT-IVD produces an unambiguous report providing results at a glance. The Internal Control and software assisted evaluation ensures the generation of reliable results.

Your benefits with LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal

  • Simplified syndromic panel testing for gastrointestinal infections: Next generation multiplexing with LiquidArray® provides simultaneous detection of up to 26 of the most prevalent bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens and pathogen associated toxins.

  • High throughput testing: Detecting 26 pathogens in a two-well format supports a simple laboratory workflow and high throughput testing for gastrointestinal infections.

  • The FluoroCycler® XT  in combination with FluoroSoftware® XT_IVD  provides ‘results at a glance’: Automatically generated reports allow fast, confident reporting without the need for individual interpretation.

  • Streamlined workflow from sample to result: The combination of LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal, FluoroCycler® XT and GenoXtract® fleXT provides a fully validated workflow for ease of implementation in your laboratory.

  • Reliable results: Use of an RNA Internal Control (Universal Internal Control 2), which mimics the lysis of viral particles and serves as an extraction, reverse transcription and amplification control

Please contact your local representative for availability in your country. Not for sale in the USA.

At a glance
Multiplex syndromic panel PCR assay for qualitative detection of up to 26 gastrointestinal pathogens and toxins directly from stool samples.

Number of reactions:

Sample material:
Stool samples

Nucleic acid extraction:
GXT96 X3 Extraction Kit (with GenoXtract® fleXT)

Instruments for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup:
GenoXtract® fleXT

Instruments for amplification and detection:
FluoroCycler® XT

Order numbers:
LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal No. 1896297
Stool buffer No. 1897036 
GXT96 X3 Extraction Kit No. 550960 
Universal Internal Control 2 No. 402960


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